Bible study lessons, devotional

Today’s Special  (7/29/2017)

Today’s lesson is DISTRACTIONS.

(The focus is what causes disobedience. Distractions cause disobedience to God. When you are distracted, it makes you unable to serve God.)

Distraction means the drawing away of the mind; a pulling apart; separating; mental disturbance; a thing or fact that distracts; to draw asunder or apart, to turn aside; draw in different directions; to throw into a state of mind in which one knows not how to act.

Paul encourages us in Romans 8 to let nothing separate us from the love of God. In this world we will experience tribulation, there is no running away from it. Job 3:25 says, The very thing I feared, I am now facing. However, God tells us to be of a good courage and to pray. No matter what obey the Lord your God.

What has been distracting you from following Jesus and doing the will of God?

Study and Meditate: Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 3:19; Hebrews 12:2; Philippians 2:5; James 1:8; John 17:16; Isaiah 59:19; Matthew 11:12

Grace and peace to you.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who God created you to be.

Apostle Bella Grace


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