Let Our God Arise

Let your faith increase.
Let your flesh [self] decrease.
As you abide in God, your faith increases and your flesh becomes dead. You become filled with the Spirit of God. You come from God. You are not of the earth. God breathed his breath in you. You are worth so much more than you limit yourself to believing. God showed himself as God to us through the life of Jesus. That it is possible to live a godly, spirit-filled, blessed life as Jesus. However, we must be willing and do our Father’s will while here on earth. This is our PURPOSE. Jesus said over and over, I’m here to do the will of my Father, the one who sent me. Not only did he send Jesus, God sent us forth too! LET THERE BE…and here we are. Look at Noah, look at Abraham…we show God we trust in him and love him by doing what he says — LOVE. Let us teach others and show them the way to God’s house — our Father’s house, so we all can go home to our Lord free!

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who God created you to be. 

Pastor Bella Grace 


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