Protect Your Anointing

By: Apostle Bella Grace (5/18/19)

The Lord said we are trees…trees planted by the rivers of water (life)

God told his children to only eat from the trees of life not of the knowledge of good and evil (the trees/people) that swear they know it all and are smarter than God. The ones that know all the bible scriptures yet dont do it like satan in the garden. He knew the word yet didn’t do it…the ones who have all the college degrees yet no Holy Spirit…no love no compassion no Grace no mercy…

Those are the trees that we are not to eat from. Why???? Because it will kill us. I watched a bruised apple bruise the other apples in a bowl and I heard the Lord God say, this is how one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. That one bruised apple began to bruise the other apples in the bowl. I had to throw them out. Couldn’t use them.

Why is it important to protect our anointing. Our love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance?

Because others come and eat from us. And they need ripe fruit not unripened. Not bruised. Not rotten. They need fresh whole ripened juicy sweet fruit. If you come in contact with bruised fruit that is the same as touching the unclean thing. That’s a no no. You have to come out from amongst them. Be separate and Holy. Dont be like the world. Be like Jesus. Maintain your anointing at all times. Love your neighbor. Care for them. Support them. Birds of a feather flock together. What flock are you with? Eagles? Pigeons? Chickens? Roosters? The sheep or the goats? Who are you with? If you go hanging with the bruised fruit you will get bruised. And have the potential to now bruise the other fruit that come in contact with you as well. This causes us to not be fruitful nor can we multiply. We are cursed. But there is hope. All of the fruit in the bowl aren’t bruised. You may be able to save one or two or a few. You can remove them and place them in a new environment (with trees of life) and they can receive life again. Stop talking with folks, coming in contact with bruised fruit. The ones that give no encouragement or inspiration always downers. You want to believe God and they looking at you like a fool tied in bondage. And the only reason why they look at you like so is because they are intimidated by you and the anointing. But they must go buy their own oil. You only have enough oil for you. What God has given you is for you.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who God created you to be.

Apostle Bella Grace

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